What is Fundamental to you?

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Fundamental (n). - a basic principle, rule, law, or the like, that serves as the groundwork of a system


As researchers, designers, and engineers, we started Fundamental Design Lab as part of our mission to redefine the innovation process around a more accessible

curriculum and language.


From our experience in industry, the lack of clarity around innovation continues to lead organizations astray from the most fundamental concept we were taught in our education, causing all sorts of friction, pains, and problems for both innovation teams and their users.


Even our teachers, many of whom wrote the current leading innovation theories themselves, have struggled to unify the practice of innovation around a single curriculum for understanding the Fundamental Design process.

"UX, HCD, Service Design, Design Thinking, Needfinding, the Double Diamond..." the list goes on, but innovation remains inaccessible for the mainstream.

So, we rewrote the innovation curriculum with one idea in mind: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!

(that's not as easy as you'd think)

Now, as we've put our curriculum into practice ourselves, the result is fun.design - a SaaS network that will empower everyone to create, share, and experience fun through innovation.


If you'd like to join us, we're always open to growing the fun.design network through service engagements and partnerships. Otherwise, we will be sharing more about fun.design and the Fundamental Design process soon.


with mentorship from...


…and many more awesome people in

the MN startup community :)

Are you ready to innovate
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